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The Importance of Having Clean Gutters

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13th November

Let’s start this article off with a question. What is the most valuable possession you own? Most people may say their HDTV, laptop, iPad… etc.  But lets think bigger…. and say… your home.

Our homes are more than just four walls and a roof. It protects us from the harsh realities that Mother Nature throws at us on a giving day whether it be the sun, rain, snow, or winds. It is always in our best interests to maintain our houses so we do not fall victim to what our neighbors in NYC experienced during hurricane Sandy.

Gutters are our first line of defense when it comes to preserving the structure of our roof and foundation, which makes gutter cleaning a tasks that we tend to overlook, and the consequences of leaving this task undone can lead to detrimental problems with your house or property.

A gutter’s purpose is to collect rain water and direct … Read More »