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How To Clean Dirty Grout

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21st December

Ceramic tiles are a great feature to your home. They add value and look great, but the inevitable is sure to happen, and that’s when the grout turns brown or black. That discoloring is caused by dirt and mold built up over time, and it can be a pain to restore the grout back to its natural color.

Lets face it, no one enjoys getting on their hands and knees with a tooth brush to clean grout. But in order to maintain a presentable kitchen, bathroom, office, etc.  certain measures are to be taken.

Walk into any home improvement store and all the supplies you need can be found within 1-4 aisles. There are products that are more expensive than others but when it comes down to it, they all pack the same results. Below are a few methods to clean grout, give some a … Read More »