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Healthcare Cleaning – Finding The Right Cleaning Company

6th May

Choosing the right janitorial company for any facility requires a great deal of time and consideration. But unlike standard commercial office space, healthcare and medical facilities require a higher level of cleaning and any cleaning service you choose, should understand this and have experience and procedures in place to keep your facility presentable, clean and healthy.

Janitorial companies that follow these regulations know the proper way to clean medical facilities. They are fully trained and capable to preform the tasks.

Some regulations set by health organizations are as followed:

– Use of hospital grade disinfectants including Germicidal, Fungicidal, Virucidal, and the ability to kill herpes and HIV-1 virus
– Cross contamination Prevention by using designated equipment for designated areas. ie: restroom equipment shouldn’t be used waiting areas. behind.
– Color Coded cleaning equipment for the safety of staff, employees and patients
– HEPA filtration vacuums that keep dust and … Read More »