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How to Prevent the Spread of the Flu

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How to Prevent the Spread of the Flu

This article follows the recommendations given by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. For additional information, visit their website at

We are coming to that time of year again, you know that time where we hear how important it is to prepare ourselves for the common flu. What is always suggested and highly recommended is to make sure you are current with your flu shots and vaccinations. But there are always other precautions you can do throughout the day to prevent yourself from falling ill.

Cleaning and Disinfecting around your home or office is one of your best defenses to prevent the spread of germs that may contain the flu virus. Here are some guidelines to prevent the spread of influenza (flu):

1)      Know the difference between cleaning and disinfecting:

Cleaning Removes Germs, you are simply wiping germs off the surface area. This process involves soap or a detergent with the addition of water. This process does not remove all germs, but it will lower the germ count, which will lower your risk of catching unwanted germs.

Disinfecting Kills Germs, chemicals are added to kill germs on contact. This process does not necessarily clean the surface, so it is recommended to first clean the surface and then disinfect the surface. By disinfecting after you clean, you are adding extra protection from any infectious germs that may cause disease or sickness.

2)      Always clean and disinfect surfaces that are touched regularly. 

Sanitize surfaces daily that are touched on a regular basis. This includes doorknobs, counter tops, desks, sinks, phones,..etc. If you come across any body fluids, blood, or fesses clean immediately and always use gloves. These situations are high risk when dealing with the spread of infectious germs.

3)      Routinely Clean and Disinfect  

During the flu months it is best to keep up with cleaning and disinfecting. A typical flu germs has a short life that lasts about 2 to 8 hours. Flu germs are also fragile and can be killed with regular cleaning and disinfecting practices. Cleaning every surface in your home or office is unnecessary, with the short life span and the fragile state of the germ, it is only necessary to clean main surfaces that you routinely come in contact with.

Other tips that the CDC recommends is to clean and disinfect correctly, by following the directions that go along with the products you are using.

Use products safely, by paying close attention to the warnings, and to NEVER mix products together. *Remember you are using chemicals that you may not be familiar with and mixture of any two chemicals could cause more harm than good.*

Lastly Handle Waste Properly, proper disposal is essential for keeping germs and diseases out. Remember you spent the time and effort to clean and disinfect, do not let your work go to waste.

For more information regarding the proper ways to fight the spread of flu germs by cleaning and disinfecting, visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention webpage. There you can find a detailed set of guidelines to slow the spread of flu.

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