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How to clean everyday stains

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How to clean everyday stains

Rust is iron-oxide which is alkaline. To fight alkaline substances such as rust or everyday dirt, apply an acidic substance such as vinegar or pure lemon juice. The acid will interact with the iron oxide and the small alkaline particles separate from the carpet fibers or fabric.
Stain: Rust – Solution: Lemon Juice or Vinegar

Ink Pigment is comprised of carbon. Ethyl Alcohol contains a 1 (hydrophilic) molecule that craves water and another that craves organic material. To remove carbon particles, carbon molecules need to bind with a surfactant such as ethyl alcohol. The alcohol will bind itself to both water and the organic material or in this case, INK. Once bound, it will all wash away from the carpet or fabric all at once.
Stain: Ink – Solution: Rubbing alcohol

Red Wine
Red wine lovers love those tannins. Well those Tannins love carbon dioxide. Flush red wine stains with club soda which is carbon dioxide and the acidic tannins will seek out and bind themselves to the carbon dioxide and then they both can easily be flushed out with water together.
Stain: Red Wine – Solution: Club Soda’

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